Recent Publications

Heim, J.R., D.P. Weston, K. Major, H.C. Poynton, K. Huff Hartz and M.J. Lydy. 2018. Are there fitness costs of adaptive pyrethroid resistance in the amphipod, Hyalella azteca? Environmental Pollution. 235: 39-46.

Major, K.M., D.P. Weston, M.J. Lydy, G.A. Wellborn, H.C. Poynton. 2018. Unintentional exposure to terrestrial pesticides drives widespread and predictable evolution of resistance in freshwater crustaceans. Evolutionary Applications. 11:748-761. DOI:10.1111/eva.12584.

Weston, D.P., H.C. Poynton, K. Major, G.A. Wellborn, M.J. Lydy, C. Moschet and R. Connon. 2018. Using mutations for pesticide resistance to identify the cause of toxicity in environmental samples. Environmental Science and Technology. 52: 859-867. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b05071.

Sinche, F.L., S.A. Nutile, K.E. Huff Hartz, P.F. Landrum and M.J. Lydy. 2018. Effects of type and quantity of organic carbon on the bioaccessibility of polychlorinated biphenyls in contaminated sediments. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 37(5): 1280-1290. DOI: 10.1002/etc.4073.

Jonker, M.T.O. et al. 2018. Advancing the use of passive sampling in risk assessment and management of sediments contaminated with hydrophobic organic chemicals: Results of an international ex situ passive sampling inter-laboratory comparison. Environmental Science and Technology. 52: 3574-3582. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b05752.

Mehler, W.T., J. You, M.J. Keough, M.J. Lydy and V. Pettigrove. 2018. Improvements and cost-  effective measures to the automated intermittent water renewal system for toxicity testing with sediments. Ecotoxicology. 151:62-67.

Archer, M.C., A.D. Harwood, S.A. Nutile, K. Huff Hartz, M.A. Mills, J.E. Garvey and M.J. Lydy. 2018. The value of using multiple metrics to evaluate PCB exposure. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 74:361-371. DOI 10.1007/s00244-017-0418-5.

Nutile, S.A., A.D. Harwood, F.L., K.E. Huff Hartz, P.F. Landrum, M.J. Lydy. 2017. The Robustness of Single-Point Tenax Extractions of Pyrethroids: Effects of the Tenax to Organic Carbon Mass Ratio on Exposure Estimates. Chemosphere. 171: 308-317.

Muggelburg, L.L, K.E. Huff Hartz, S.A. Nutile, A.D. Harwood, J.R. Heim, A.P Derby, D.P. Weston, M.J. Lydy. 2017. Do Pyrethroid-Resistant Hyalella azteca Have Greater Bioaccumulation Potential Compared to Non-Resistant Populations? Implications for Bioaccumulation in Fish. Environmental Pollution. 220: 375-382.

Li, H., F. Cheng, Y. Wei, M.J. Lydy, J. You. 2017. Global Occurrence of Pyrethroid Insecticides in Sediment and the Associated Toxicological Effects on Benthic Invertebrates: An Overview. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 324: 258-271.

Hunt, L., C. Bonetto, N. Marrochi, A. Scalise, S. Fanelli, M. Liess, M.J. Lydy, M.C. Chiu and V.H. Resh. 2017. Species at Risk (SPEAR) index indicates effects of insecticides on stream invertebrate communities in soy production regions of the Argentine Pampas. Science of the Total Environment. 580: 699-709.

Sinche, F.L., S.A. Nutile, P.F. Landrum and M.J. Lydy. 2017. Optimization of Tenax extraction parameters for polychlorinated biphenyls in contaminated sediments. Talanta. (164): 386-395.

Thorngren, J.L., A.D. Harwood, T.M. Murphy, K. Huff Hartz, C. Y. Fung and M.J. Lydy. 2017. Fate and risk of atrazine and sulfentrazone to non-target species at an agriculture site. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 36(5): 1301-1310.

Muggelberg, L.L., K.E. Huff Hartz, S.A. Nutile, A.D. Harwood, J.R. Heim, A.P. Derby, D.P. Weston and M.J. Lydy. 2017. Do pyrethroid-resistant Hyalella azteca have greater bioaccumulation potential compared to non-resistant populations? Implications for bioaccumulation in fish. Environmental Pollution. 220: 375-382.

Huff Hartz, K., T.M. Murphy and M.J. Lydy. 2017. Fate and transport of seed-coated and in-furrow granular insecticides: Comparison of field-scale observations and model estimates. Ecotoxicology. 26: 876-888.

de Perre, C. T.M. Murphy and M.J. Lydy. 2017. Mixture toxicity of phostebupirim and cyfluthrin: species-specific synergism. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 36 (7): 1947-1954.